Chapter 68 – Captain Fantasy

FFF-Class Trashero, 06.04.2019


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“Great Sir Hero, the five golems respectively possess the same attributes as the five Elementals of wind, fire, wind, water, and heart, and the weaknesses of each element disappears upon their combining together and thus they become immune to magic attacks. In addition, the magic cannon of different elements can be used efficiently according to the situation. Isn’t it amazing?”

So the Sage explained.

“Five elements, huh…”


“Divinity and Dark Energy are missing.”

“I am ashamed to say that I failed in including those two elements. The indiscriminately raging power of Dark Energy was too difficult to refine, while there was outright no way at all of procuring the Divinity of angels whose very existence is uncertain.”

“That so?”

I couldn’t help laughing despite myself—no way of procuring Divinity? The moment I received possession of the super robot from the Sage, I bestowed upon it the powers of Divinity and Blessing to the utmost.


▷Race: Elemental Golem
▷Level: 900
▷Job: Guardian(Protect→Damage Suffered↓)
▷Skills: Physical Strength(SS) Endurance(S) Divinity(S) Protect(S) Flame(S)…
▷Condition: Torso, Union, Blessed

The five golems that absorbed the power of Divinity each experienced growth, which was why the Status of the super robot that had finished transforming and combining underwent similar improvements.

▷Race: Ultra Golem
▷Level: 999+
▷Job: Guardian Deity(Protect→Divine Protection↑)
▷Skills: Physical Strength(SSS) Endurance(SS) Divinity(SS) Immunity(SS) Protect(SS)…
▷Condition: Union, Blessed

Although it would have been even better if I could add Dark Energy on top of all this, I wasn’t able to do so as it failed to achieve harmony and instead caused a backlash. Nevertheless, I wasn’t greatly disappointed since I felt its current Status was already enough to thrash everything except for Demon King Pedonar.

The Sage spoke in a warning tone.

“The capability of this golem is superior to the point of being unprecedented throughout the entire history of Fantasia, but it consumes that much mana. Even for you, Great Sir Hero…”



“The Hero’s mana is infinite. Bear that in heart.”

“Keh! Isn’t that outrageous?!”

“You think I’m a Hero for nothing? Watch closely.”

The Skill ‘Infinite’ which I had obtained through Saintess H in the Hero Festival, had the effect of preventing the fall of Skill ranks. Divinity, Dark Energy, Stamina, Magic Power, Vigor, Inner Strength… these types of power source Skills would fall in rank if the user didn’t rest after expending all available power; however, I was completely freed of this restraint.


I poured out all the mana I possessed.

Magic Power(E)→Magic Power(C)

The tiny bit of magic power, which I had obtained upon defeating the cat giant, quickly developed as I recharged the golem’s power source. Due to the strongest five golems specially made by the two geniuses combining together, the power they required was five times more as well! The total energy required was fifty times the average golem, which was why the amount of mana being drained out of me was tremendous. An ordinary Magician would have become crippled from the depletion of mana at this point, but that didn’t matter to me.

I didn’t know how to use magic nor sorcery, yet only my Magic Power rank continued to shoot up, and thus the amount of mana I could supply at once improved a great deal along with the rise in rank. Even if my mana was infinite, there was a limit to the amount that could be squeezed out per second, after all, and it was that maximum amount that had increased.

“My god…”

The Sage, who could be said to have received the blessing of mana without exaggeration, understood what had occurred upon seeing it with the naked eye, and was deeply moved to the point of trembling; however, not everyone was surprised. I called out to my shabby little sister, who was merely wearing a puzzled look despite being a Magician as well.


“Yes, Prince!”

“Just call me Hero. And don’t play cute.”

“Sir Hero! Lanuvel is naturally like this I’m telling you!”

I ignored the likes of her worthless excuse and continued speaking.

“What happened to the information I made a trade for recen—6 years ago with the Dark Commerce regarding the Hero of Origin?”

Although the trade did fall apart with me being frozen over by the cat’s curse, the Dark Commerce who had wanted Golem D’s blueprint wouldn’t have given up easily. They must have gathered and stored that information I requested for somewhere.

“Eh… I mean…”


“Lanuvel doesn’t know at all.”

“Well isn’t that something to be proud of!”

I had done well to not expect anything from Lanuvel in the first place.

Magic Power(C)→Magic Power(A)

By the time the super robot’s huge mana tank had become filled, my Skill Magic Power had grown to A-rank. It was necessary to first consume more Magic Power in order to raise it further; in other words, it was time to put the golem into action.

“Let’s go! Captain Fantasy!”

▶Goosebumps: I did guess it when you called a lovely Saintess Rice Cake, but that tacky name is a bit…”

‘Tsk-tsk! Miss Trainee Teacher doesn’t know of romance.’

The name of a super robot was better the more intuitive it was as it would have more impact. We were going to dominate the peace of the 6th Playthrough—with overwhelming power!


Captain Fantasy ran powerfully towards where the crimson golems were gathered. Although there were numerous boosters attached to its back, I saved them for the aerial battles that might occur later on.

The cluster of crimson golems were of various countries; however, there was no need to go so far as to distinguish them since they were all as good as henchmen of the Dark Commerce.

“They’re all bastards to be killed anyhow…”

The Dark Commerce had been attacking the Sage’s Tower, the biggest hindrance to their monopolizing the golem market, for 2 years now, mobilizing all the countries in the northern continent; however, they had failed to cause the downfall of the tower. In exchange, by surrounding and cutting off the Sage’s Tower in three directions, with the exception of the path leading towards Snowy Mountain M, they had succeeded in shutting out the sales of blue golems and the material supply line for them—until today.

The place I had come to was one of the outposts of the encirclement.

“Gasp! What the hell is that?!”

“Isn’t it enormous?!”

“A monster has appeared from the Sage’s Tower-!”

The northern continent allied forces were shocked upon seeing my super robot.

“An excellent reaction.”

This was the sound and smell of the battlefield. The view of the ground below I got from sitting on top of a golem at least two times taller than the crimson golems of feeble design was truly beautiful. And it was going to get even more beautiful.


The drills that were equipped in various spots of my golem’s body like spikes began to rotate.

“Destroy them all! Captain Fantasy!”

▶Blush: That name is… Uuh…

My super robot charged towards the heart of the enemy camp, like an adult cutting through kindergartners bunched up before a TV. But it didn’t act kindly like you would treat a child.

Crash! Bam! Pzt! Boom!

Every crimson golem that came into contact with Captain Fantasy’s drills were shred apart one after another, and it wasn’t just the golems being wrecked; the Magicians, engineers, merchants and so on who were leisurely resting in the tents set up across the outpost were shredded along with the golems.

“Fight back!”

“The enemy is alone!”

“Do not be frightened!”

The allied forces had received a heavy blow due to my surprise attack, but the number of crimson golems surrounding the Sage’s Tower was still many. 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200… the quickly amassed crimson golems rushed to attack me as one; however, I felt their efforts merely amusing.

Flash! Krrr-!

Flash! Pzt-!

Captain Fantasy ignored and deflected all ordinary damage through Divinity’s S-rank and SS-rank effects. In order to deal even the slightest damage to the golem’s hard exterior, you would have to attack using a special equipment infused with Dark Energy or Divinity. Otherwise?

You would end up self-destructing like this.

Boom! Crash! Clunk!

All of the golems that collided into Captain Fantasy’s legs toppled over with the momentum they were charging over with.

“Hahah! Fire all cannons!”

Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!

The five different element magic cannons, which the Sage had told me about, fired simultaneously, and the projectiles exploded gloriously in the center of the enemy line. Although the mana tank was depleted in proportion to the degree of that explosion, it was a welcome thing for me.

Magic Power(A)→Magic Power(S)

My Magic Power proficiency had suddenly skyrocketed in the process of recharging the mana tank. The enemy, however, didn’t know this.

“Do not ever retreat!”

“His mana can’t be infinite!”

“Calm down! Go for a battle of attrition!”

The northern continent allied forces ceaselessly sent in their fighters, putting out everything they had without rest with the hope that I would be exhausted at some point. But it was too late by the time they eventually realized something was strange—the amount of forces they had expended was already too much.

This was a trait of the Dark Commerce. When there was no achievement, they would either make investments again or even take illegal measures until they saw benefit in the end; thus, the allied forces didn’t surrender.

They couldn’t stop the battle.


Magic Power(S)→Magic Power(SS)


Until the entire forces of the crimson golems scattered across the northern continent was spent. And of course, Captain Fantasy remained in good shape.


Thus the curtains fell over the battle that was embarrassing to even be called a battle. The other continents were in the midst of fierce fighting, as ever, but the northern continent had entered the clean-up stage.

Almost all of the kingdoms sent had their intention to surrender, but I didn’t accept.

▶Perplexed: Why?

‘Well aren’t you asking a strange question, Miss Trainee Teacher.’

At present, the state of the northern continent’s political and economical health was no different than hell on earth, and this was because all the countries had imposed an astronomical tax on their citizens after owing debts to the Dark Commerce. The people of those countries committed all kinds of deeds due to the issue of money; murder, plunder, prostitution, blackmail, abduction…

And I was to forgive the ones who had caused all this?

“Out of the question. Off with their heads, the lot of them.”

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!

As I went around the territories, cities, villages and so on that were scattered about the northern continent, I publicly executed all those of the royalty, nobles, and Dark Commerce associates. Men, women, children, elderly, relatives, neighbors… I made no exceptions if they were related in the slightest. Some among them cried out that they were being wronged, and some even begged to at least have their innocent wives and young children to be spared.

But I turned down all of their appeals. It was obvious they would be beaten to death by the enraged citizens even if they were spared from the execution, after all, and the only thing that would await the spared women would be a horrible experience on top of death. And it was even more impossible for me to take responsibility and protect them.

“All hail Prince Hantsoo!”

“Thank you, Sir Hero!”

“Sob-sob! Thank you.”

The countless citizens who watched the executions would praise me while shedding tears and dripping snot. While it was good that my reputation was rising, I didn’t feel happy.

It felt like I had become the king of beggars.

“I’ll leave the rest to you, Sage.”

So I decided to entrust matters to the Sage—I wanted to take action with the super robot, not to rebuild the destroyed countries, cities, villages and so on.

The Sage replied in a gallant manner.

“Haha! Don’t worry. Our heavenly lady goddess is taking good care of things. As a former Hero, she is valiant on the battlefield, but she is also extremely skilled in dealing with quiet paperwork. Of course, in the bed to—Augh!”

“You and your wagging tongue…”

The Sage staggered weakly from being elbowed in the side by Golem D, but on his lips was a broad smile. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t get a nosebleed. Was it that a golem was fine even if it was a beautiful female? I simply couldn’t comprehend the criterion.

But in any case, it was as the Sage had boasted. Golem D was extremely good at things such as paperwork as she didn’t feel physical or mental fatigue in the least. I could sense the weariness of Holy Sword 3’s soul contained in the golem, but filled by the righteous desire to save the suffering northern continent citizens, she didn’t utter a single word of complaint despite the harsh labor.

▶Gratified: They’re a couple that strangely suit each other well.

I felt it was strange from the moment Holy Sword 3 had suggested to accept the Sage as a companion. A beautiful and noble Hero while alive?

It turned out she was nothing but an old maid starved for a man.

▶At a Loss: You don’t have to go that far…

Even the Ice Princess, who had played an active role in her own way out of sight, was being called ‘crown princess’ or ‘Sir Hero’s wife’ by others before I knew it.

“This hussy’s fabricating things and inciting the people…”

She was trying to turn a fine bachelor into a married man. I had intended on kicking her ass for the crime of being detestable, yet I couldn’t find even her shadow—she was no doubt freezing people again somewhere.

And thus I continued to settle things in the northern continent, making my way to the core of the Dark Commerce who had led this war…!


A mass of Dark Energy abruptly attacked my five golems like a lightning strike.

“Captain Fantasy~?!”

Pow! Bang! Boom!

My super robot that I took pride in disintegrated in mid air like a firecracker. Had I been conceited, perhaps? This tragic event had resulted from boldly transforming and combining before the enemies’ eyes.

A wave of dizziness washed over me.

“How could you attack while it was combining!”

‘You cowardly bastard that doesn’t know romance! Show yourself this instant!’

“Hmph! I do what I—Kyah?!”


It turned out not to be a cowardly bastard, but a shrew instead; however, the amount of Dark Energy she possessed wasn’t ordinary. In fact, it was gradually increasing.

‘This is above SSS-rank, isn’t it?’


I had shot divine lightning without hesitation to split apart the shrew’s pretty little head.

‘Mm? Maybe her head’s harder than I thought.’

“You cowardly bastard! How could you attack while I’m transforming!”

“Hmph! I do what I want!”

▶Bewildered: A cowardly couple that strangely suit each other…

And thus our fateful meeting began in a cowardly manner.